How to add more locations?

You can add as many locations as you want on Weeda App. If you have already 1 company, you can press the "+" button to add another location. After this, you can follow the instructions described here

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Use one profile and multiple location pins

With Weeda App you can choose to have for every single location a dedicated profile to post and showcase products or use only one profile with multiple pin locations on MapView. First, go to "My Company" ( Profile --> Settings -->My Company) Click on the "pencil" icon   While you...

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How to add a company

How to add a company to Weeda-App

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What is "Boost Post"

How to advertise on Weeda App

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How to Pay

Fill in the required billing information VAT Number Company Name Address Country Phone number Email address Press on "Pay" Review and agree   Click on 1-tap buy (if needed you will have to add a credit card to Pay through Playstore) After payment has been accepted, you can create your...

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When will my subscription expire?

Go to settings --> Click on "My Company" You will see a notification bar in the footer the following information: How many locations you have left When your subscription expires     You can easily extend your subscription by pressing on "Renew"

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