With Weeda App you can choose to have for every single location a dedicated profile to post and showcase products or use only one profile with multiple pin locations on MapView.

First, go to “My Company” ( Profile –> Settings –>My Company)

Click on the “pencil” icon


While you are in “Edit Company” you can see the button “Company only pin” click to enable PIN ONLY for this location

After “Create only pin” is enabled, you will have to select the company that will act as the profile for this location.

Note: You can only create a “pin only” when you have multiple locations. There should be always one profile active.

Below you will see your company pin on the location you have provided


When clicking on the pin you get some information about the company.

After clicking more; Users can see all the information of the company and products

When users click on the company name, this will redirect the user to the company profile.





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