How to Save Post, Report Post, Share on Timeline, Hide on WeedaApp?

  1. Click on the 3dots right upper corner of a post, here you can see: Save Post, Report Post, Share on Timeline, Hide

Save Post
On WeedaApp you can save an interesting posts for you to check at a later date.

  1. Where can I find my saved posts?
  2. Go to your Profile
  3. Click on the pencil icon on the right upper corner
  4. Go to Saved Posts

Note: You can delete any saved post by going to Saved Post, Click on the post you saved, go to the 3dots and click on Remove saved post


Report Posts
WeedaApp tries its best to avoid any inappropriate posts however, if you come across a post that shouldn’t be on WeedaApp you can report these posts and our support team will review the post and remove them.

  1. How can I report a post on WeedaApp?
  2. Go to the post that you think should not belong on WeedaApp
  3. Click on the 3dots and click on Report Post
  4. Select why you are reporting the post

Share post on your timeline (reshare)

  1. Go to the post you want to share on your timeline
  2. Click on the 3dots on the right upper side of the post
  3. Click on Share on Timeline


When you see a post from a person in your friend’s list, you can hide a single post that you do not want to see.

  1. Go to the post you want to hide
  2. Click on the 3dots
  3. Click on Hide

Note:  If you don’t want to see any of your friends post on your timeline, you can go to their profile and unfollow them without unfriending them 


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