Our unique MapView feature helps users and people that just started with cannabis to map out the world of cannabis. With our unique MapView feature (only available on Weeda App) you can help others to discover the world of cannabis. Pin cannabis-friendly places and let other users know why you recommend the places you pin. Pin cannabis-friendly campings, museums or show your favorite products you just bought from your dispensary. Let’s start pinning!

Go to Mapview Feature, the second icon on your navigation bar on the bottom
Click on the + icon in the middle

1. Add an image or directly make a picture of the place that you want to recommend to other users
2. Fill in the title of your pin
3. Give it a description of why you recommend this place
4. Select Public, Only Friends, or Private

Public Pin: All users will be able to see the pin (recommended)
Only Friends: Only users in your friends list will be able to see your pin
Private: Only you can see this pin
5. Press on Create Pin to publish your pin

6. After you published your pin you can view your pin and receive comments and likes from other users.


Note: Only cannabis-related pins with interesting places or recommendations are allowed to be posted for other cannabis enthusiasts to discover, new products or places where you had an awesome experience. All other non-cannabis-related pins will be automatically removed without warning.


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